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Phone: (718) 562-5200
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Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am - 7:00pm
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Note to Health Care Provides: Marble Hill Pharmay is now signed up to accept e-Rx. You may e-prescribe via Surescripts - Rx Hub. You may also call the Pharmacist at (718) 562-6637. Alternatively, you may fax the prescripton to (718) 562-5031.

Already have a prescription?
  • If you have a prescription from your health care provider, Marble Hill Pharmacy can fill your prescription.

  • Bring your paper prescription to Marble Hill Pharmacy, and the Pharmacist will dispense your medication. Order your medication, and have it mailed to your home. We will need your paper prescription before dispensing the medication. To get started, please fill out the Confidential Patient Profile below.

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